I setup a trial for a customer, but how do I know which are expired or expiring?

If you setup a trial for your customers, it is important that you convert them to a paid license when their 30-days are up.  If you do not, their systems will have no protection at all, as Bitdefender will disable all modules on any unlicensed systems.

To figure out which systems are about to expire, or have expired:

  1. Login to gravityzone.bitdefender.com
  2. Click Reports in the left side menu
  3. Push + Add
  4. In the Type dropdown choose License Status
  5. If this is a report that you want to recur and be emailed to you, you can choose Scheduled instead of Now.  To schedule it, choose how often you want to the report to occur (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly) and enter the email address that you want the report to be delivered to.
  6. To run the report for all of your clients, keep the settings under Target as their default settings.  To narrow the focus of the report to one client, find the client in the tree and check the box next to it.
  7. Click Generate for a one time report, or Save for a scheduled.
  8. If this was a one-time report, you will be taken to the report immediately.  One of the columns in the report is called License Type. You can simply change the filter dropdown to Trial to see all of the companies that are on a trial.  If you click the Days Left column header, it will sort the information by the remaining days in the trial period. You can also change the License Status column filter to Expired to see the already expired trials.

To change the Company to a paid license, click the Company Name if the left column.  This will bring up the Company’s details.  In the License Type dropdown, change it to Monthly Subscription. Once you hit Save at the bottom, the license update will be pushed to all of the systems that have Bitdefender installed. You do not have to do anything on your client’s systems.

To remove a company that will not be migrating to a paid license:

  1. Click Network in the left side menu
  2. Click Companies underneath your parent organization
  3. In the right side section, check the box next to the company that doesn’t want a paid license. It is recommended that you first click TasksUninstall client. That will push an uninstall command to all of the systems that have the client still installed.
  4. Now navigate to Companies in the left side menu
  5. Check the box next to the client
  6. Press Delete and then Yes to confirm

That client will no longer show up anywhere in your console, and there is no chance that they could accidentally be licensed, which you would be billed for.

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