Built as a Pre-Boot-Authentication (PBA) system Secure Disk for BitLocker is a small security operating system that is loaded prior the start of Windows. It offers additional boot features and full management of the underlaying Windows encryption. The BitLocker add-on eliminates all limitations of BitLocker: easy deployment, multi-user / multi-factor authentication, central management and comfortable helpdesk features.

For rollouts of hundreds or thousands Windows clients, enterprises use our self-init mode to capture Active Directory credentials or PKI certificates for decryption on first client usage. This allows large scale rollouts completely without administration efforts.

Good news! Secure Disk does not require TPM and TPM-Pin for secure authentication. And all recovery key handling is completely managed internally!

  • Efficient Deployment

  • Advanced Helpdesk

  • BitLocker Management

  • Mutli-Factor and  Network Authentication

  • Compliance and Reporting

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