How do I setup a trial for a client or for testing?

When you are adding a Company for your client, you are able to start them on a 30-day trial license.  This can also be used  by your techs for testing purposes.

To setup a trial:

  1. Click Companies in the left side menu
  2. Push the + Add button
  3. Enter the name of the Company, which would be your client’s name. You do not have to enter the address or phone information, but it can make things easier for you if there is an issue and need their contact information.
  4. You can upload your company’s logo by clicking Change to alter what your client sees if they login to the console in the upper left corner.
  5. Under type you can choose either Customer or Partner.  Customers are the most common, but occasionally you will need to use the Partner type.  This allows the newly created company to also create Companys under their account, which can be useful for subsidiaries or organizing your clients between your sales reps/techs.
  6. Under license, choose the type Trial
  7. Push Save

The newly created company now has 30-days of protection that you are not billed for.  Remember to convert the company to a paid license type when the trial expires.

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