Bitdefender GravityZone is a leading security solution for cloud and virtualized environments, offering organizations dramatically faster and more efficient risk management. Using a different architecture and unique technologies, GravityZone is #1 ranked antimalware solution for best protection and performance.  Their solutions can be installed locally or hosted by Bitdefender in the cloud.

Business Security
Advanced Business Secuity
Enterprise Security
Console Option Locally Installed or Cloud Hosted Cloud or On-Premise Cloud or On-Premise On-Premise
Physical Desktops Windows, Mac, or Linux desktops. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Physical Servers Windows, Mac, or Linux servers. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Desktops Windows, Solaris, Linux virtual desktops. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Virtual Servers Windows, Solaris, and Linux virtual servers. checkmark checkmark checkmark
Microsoft Exchange Server protection and antispam. checkmark checkmark
Mobile Devices Android and iOS devices. On-Premise Only checkmark
Datacenter Licensing Per CPU licensing for virtual servers. checkmark
Smart Centralized Scanning Offloaded scanning to an appliance. checkmark checkmark
Monthly licensing for MSPs Managed Services Cloud Solution checkmark
Licensing  Bundle  Bundle Each Module Sold Separately

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