Bitdefender install fails because of pre-existing endpoint solution

Sometimes a pre-existing AV can’t be removed completely and some traces might be left behind in the registry. In such cases it can happen that Bitdefender clients are not installing.

Here is the procedure to bypass this behavior and complete the installation:

• Access the GravityZone and navigate to Packages. Select the appropriate install package.
• Click on Download and select the Windows Kit (32/64bit)
• Extract the files of the file (or
• Using 7Zip or a similar utility extract the epskit_x64.exe (or epskit_x32.exe) file
• Navigate to the KitFiles folder and open it
• Delete the file called detection.xml
• Close the utility and exit the editing of the kit
• Run the epskit_x64.exe (or epskit_x32.exe) to initialize the installation