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Firefox Send Used to Spread Malware, Mozilla Temporarily Stops the Service

Mozilla suspended the Firefox Send service after it received reports that it was used by bad actors to host and send malware to unsuspecting users.  Firefox Send is a service that lets people upload files and send them to other users in a secure manner. The payload is encrypted on the server, making it difficult […]

More than half of Canadians admit to have been a victim of cybercriminals

The pandemic impacted more than just our way of living. As the world slowly adapted to social distancing and a work-from-home environment, our view on digital privacy and cybersecurity has emerged as a leading challenge. With much of our daily routines shifting online, Internet users experience unprecedented challenges from cybercriminals that have stepped up their […]

Zoom Zero-Day Flaw Allegedly Allows Full Takeover of Windows PCs

Video conferencing software Zoom is again in the spotlight over an alleged critical vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take over the victim’s computer and all data on it. Discovered by an unnamed security researcher and reported to Acros Security, the vulnerability is said to be present in all versions of Zoom for Windows, […]

Fake Outlook Credential Upgrade Campaign Phishes for Employee Credentials

Bad actors are using a message disguised as an official notification from the Outlook team to trick people into entering their credentials into a phishing website, leaking them in the process and exposing the company they work for. Phishing is one of the most common methods to obtain legitimate credentials, letting attackers compromise systems with […]

Billions of Leaked Credentials Available on the Dark Web

Researchers have found over 15 billion credentials from more than 100,000 data breaches on the dark web, including access to everything from streaming services to banking accounts and financial services. Despite what people might think about data breaches and hackers, most incidents have a different entry vector. When attackers compromise a company’s infrastructure, they usually […]

How to recognize a smishing text message

You’ve likely heard of phishing attacks, but are you familiar with smishing? What phishing is to email accounts, smishing is to texts. And unfortunately, the end goal is the same. Whether phishing or smishing, the sender is out for your personal and se…

Data Leak on Online Gambling App puts Millions of Users at Risk of Cyber Attacks

A massive data leak discovered on the technical database of popular casino gambling app Cubillion exposed daily activities and personal identifiable information of millions of users, according to vpnMentor researchers. Housed on a misconfigured Elasticsearch engine, the unprotected database recorded up to 200 million records per day (50GB), including details of technical activity of Android […]

Summer security tips for surfing the Internet

Cybercriminals thrive during the holidays, and this summer will be no exception. The rise in cyberattacks has become a prime worry for governments and companies around the world, and while many of us look forward to booking a summer break and taking our mind off the pandemic, bad actors are setting the trap for a […]