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Spora – the Shortcut Worm that is also a Ransomware

Author: Karsten Hahn A sophisticated threat with interesting business model - more encrypted files = higher ransom Spora spreads via USB drives like Gamarue and Dinihou aka Jenxcus whilst also encrypting files. The sophistication of this threat could easily make it...

Attacks on large companies: all day, every day

According to media reports, the ThyssenKrupp industrial group has been targetted by cyber criminals. The company is said to have fallen victim to a cleverly designed hacker attack as early as February this year. The company's own CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team)...

Why is Drivelock and Disk Encryption Important?

That’s the 64 thousand dollar question when a laptop goes missing. Loss of data can lead to substantial financial harm, and can seriously impact a company’s reputation. But if the data was encrypted, the damage is limited to the hardware. Otfried Köllhofer, Vice...

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