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74% of Americans Are Clueless about Facebook’s Data Collection Algorithm, Survey Says

Americans don’t know much about Facebook and how its algorithm works, according to a survey from Pew Research Center conducted on 963 US Facebook users. The new study found that 74 percent of Facebook users in the US did not know that Facebook collects their traits and interests to help advertisers target ads. Users were […]

DanaBot gets “multi-stage” packages for Christmas

DanaBot is working on a new botnet, to be delivered in lots of little “multi-stage” packages that can make time fly. It’s an approach designed to keep its activities out of sight from security researchers.
The post DanaBot gets “multi-stage&#822…

Hack a Tesla and win $900 000 and a Model 3

Tesla’s are still all the rage – they are luxurious high tech cars that give their owners everything they could want and more. Thanks to their exquisite design and extravagant features they are also not the most inexpensive cars you could get. That’s w…

SEC brings charges in EDGAR trade hacking case

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged nine defendants in connection with a scheme to hack into SEC systems and profit from corporate information not yet released to the public. The defendants, a Ukrainian hacker, six traders in California, Ukraine and Russia, and two entities, allegedly participated in a scheme to hack into […]

Ethereum holders suspect Cryptopia exchange faked breach in exit scam

A cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand is suspected of having performed an exit scam after bluntly announcing an immediate halt due to an alleged hack. The first signs of trouble emerged on the afternoon of January 14, when Cryptopia announced on its Twitter page that the exchange was going through unscheduled maintenance. “We are currently […]

Authorities Can’t Force Suspects to Unlock Phones with Biometrics, Rules California Court

A California court has ruled that government agencies can’t compel suspects to unlock their smart devices with biometric authentication because it violates the self-incrimination clause in the Fifth Amendment, writes Forbes. This applies even if a warrant has been granted to search the person’s residence. The decision was made after law enforcement filed for a […]

Huge prizes up for grabs for anyone who can hack a Tesla

If you’re going to the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver this March you’ll have the chance to participate in the Pwn2Own ethical hacking contest. As usual hackers will be working hard to crack the security of browsers and operating systems from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Oracle and VMware. But this things are a little different. Because […]