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Identifying file manipulation in system files

Sometimes people send files to us that seem to be legitimate Microsoft system files at first glance, yet closer inspection reveals, that they have in fact been modified. Are those manipulations always malicious? And how can file manipulations be identi…

Control Panel Version

Enhancements In the “Deny & Allow Lists” module, it is now possible to enter subdomains in order to bypass the URL Rewriting filter. As a security measure against possible user errors, the user must now enter the name of the customer or partner to be deleted in a confirmation window in the “Service Dasboard” module. […]

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Control Panel Version (upcoming release)

Enhancements In the “LDAP Connection” tab of the “Service Dashboard” module, customers can now add multiple LDAP connections for different directory services to the Control Panel. In the “Advanced Threat Protection” module, administrators can now enter different recipients for Real-Time Alert and Ex Post Alert. In the “Authentication Policies and IPs” module, it is possible […]

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