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More than 150,000 Traffic Lights in the US Have a Critical Vulnerability

More than 150,000 traffic controllers spread across the continental US run a
vulnerable software that has yet to be patched, despite warnings of the dangers,
a security researcher has discovered.

When most people think of vulnerable devices connected to the internet, traffic
controllers or traffic lights aren’t top of mind. But the truth is that many
such devices are online for ease of management. Like any other hardware device,
though, these devices, even traffic lights, can have vulnerabiliti

What you need to know to help fend off fraud this tax season

Tax season is a prime time for scam artists and cybercriminals to wage targeted
attacks against taxpayers to steal personal data and conduct identity theft

According to the FTC, tax-related identity theft is most common during tax
filing season, which this year began on Jan. 23 in the US. With tax-related
identity theft reports up 45% from pre-pandemic levels, Americans need to remain
vigilant to avoid becoming another identity theft statistic while they prepare
their 2023 tax returns.

Killnet Attacks European Hospitals, including UMCG in the Netherlands

Pro-Russian group Killnet hit numerous European hospitals, including the
University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands, with massive DDoS
attacks, crashing their websites.

Killnet made its name in recent years by attacking online resources in countries
that supported Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion. They started
small by hitting websites belonging to various authorities, but eventually
worked their way up by targeting airports and even the US Treasury

Ukraine News Agency Hit in Suspected Attack by Russian-Backed Sandworm Group

A cyberattack against the National News Agency of Ukraine (Ukrinform) was likely
the work of UAC-0082 (Sandworm), a group likely operating under Russia’s Main
Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU), according to
Ukrainian authorities.

Sandworm is likely a Russian cyber military unit responsible for numerous
attacks over the years, including the release of the infamous NotPetya malware.
Its main goal is to compromise and disrupt infrastructure, which is exactly the
goal of the

New Chromebook Exploit Lets Users Unenroll Managed Devices

Security experts developed a new exploit that lets users unenroll
enterprise-managed Chromebooks to skirt restrictions organizations impose on the
use of their devices.

The exploit, dubbed “Shady Hacking 1nstrument Makes Machine Enrollment Retreat,”
or Sh1mmer, was developed by Mercury Workshop Team researchers and involves
modifying publicly leaked RMA shims.

Schools and organizations usually enroll devices such as Chromebooks to make
them easier to manage centrally. Administrators can perfor

Publication on February 1, 2023

Enhancements The new features Secure Links and QR Code Analyzer are available for Advanced Threat Protection. Secure Links replaces URL Rewriting. If a user opens a link in an email, Secure Links analyzes the link and either redirects the user to the web page or blocks it. The QR Code Analyzer scans the target link […]

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BBB Warns Social Security Beneficiaries of Cost of Living Adjustment Scams

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the US Social Security Administration’s
increase in cost of living adjustment payments (COLA), according to the Better
Business Bureau.

“Due to inflation, payment can increase by 8.7% this year,” the BBB said. “It’s
a significant increase – the highest COLA approved in more than 40 years – and
scammers are taking advantage.”

The latest BBB advisory