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Cybersecurity insurance firm Chubb investigates its own ransomware attack

Cybersecurity insurance firm Chubb investigates its own ransomware attackA notorious ransomware gang claims to have successfully compromised the infrastructure… of a company selling cyberinsurance. The Maze ransomware group says it has encrypted data belonging to Chubb, which claims to be one of the world’s largest insurance companies, and is threatening to publicly release data unless a ransom is paid. The announcement by the […]

Control Panel Version (release scheduled for calendar week 14)

Enhancements: With the new release, customers and partners can be created in the HTML module Service Dashboard. Additionally, the modules in the Service Dashboard have been restructured to facilitate the handling. The Spam Report has been implemented as an HTML module. Furthermore, the permissions for configuring the Spam Report have been expanded: customers can configure […]

Der Beitrag Control Panel Version (release scheduled for calendar week 14) erschien zuerst auf Hornetsecurity – Cloud Security Services für Unternehmen.

Scammers Target U.S. Troops with Fake COVID-19 Tests

Scammers continue to piggyback on the COVID-19 Coronavirus scare with new tricks, this time targeting U.S. Army service members with phone calls requesting their personal information and promising a testing kit to check if they’re infected, according to the Military Times. The outlet, which describes itself as a trusted, independent source for news and information […]

BBB warns scammers are leveraging the Senate relief bill

For the past week, U.S. lawmakers have been discussing proposed stimulus checks to help the country through this coronavirus-induced economic crisis. The $2 trillion stimulus package that will offer help to American citizens affected by the Coronavirus outbreak unanimously passed in the Senate this Wednesday and was sent to the President for signing. The Better […]

FBI Takes Down Russia-based Cyber Platform Selling Private Data and Contraband

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took down the DEER.IO website, a known cybercrime platform based in Russia, along with Kirill Victorovich Firsov, its alleged administrator. When you hear of personal information stolen in data breaches and sold on the black market, it usually means that it has ended up on websites such as DEER.IO. […]

Cybercriminals move quickly in UK to abuse distress over Coronavirus pandemic

According to the UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFBI), criminals were quick to latch on to news of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, swindling £970,000 out of the pockets of UK citizens since February. The most recent alert shows an additional 84 Coronavirus-related fraud reports between March 1 and March 18, a 400% increase from the […]

Canon Data Breach Affects General Electric’s Current and Former Employees

General Electric (GE) has revealed that a data breach at Canon Business Process Services (Canon), one of the company’s service providers, exposed details about GE employees, former employees, and other beneficiaries. Just because the world seems to have stopped to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, doesn’t mean that attackers will stop too. If anything, the […]

Social Distancing: The hidden risks of online exposure

Whether you’ve bunked up with your family or you’re self-isolating, you are among the crowds engaged in a struggle of social distancing, which is quickly becoming the norm in 2020. While staying at home may limit the spread of the disease and keep you safe, social distancing may put you at risk – and not […]