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Fake Ledger devices mailed out in attempt to steal from cryptocurrency fans

In December last year, we reported how the email and mailing addresses of some 270,000 Ledger customers had been published on a hacking forum following a data breach. At the time we warned users of the hardware cryptocurrency wallet to watch out for phishing scams that might attempt to steal users’ credentials. What we hadn’t […]

Microsoft to Pull the Plug on Windows 10 in 2025

Microsoft will retire the Windows 10 operating system on October 10, 2025. It’s the first time the company puts an expiration date on its current operating system, paving the way for its successor, Windows 11. It’s a big deal when an operating system reaches end-of-life because it essentially means that its maker no longer issues […]

Participating in This UPS Survey Will Not Earn You a Brand New Sony PlayStation 5

Online scammers use the name of international shipping company UPS to dupe consumers into participating in a survey giveaway scam. The scam, recently spotted by Bitdefender Antispam Lab, guarantees recipients a Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console in return for completing the online survey on behalf of UPS. Fraudsters use traditional clickbait tactics such as “Participate […]

7 Mobile Security Tips to Help Safeguard Your Device and Personal Information

Our mobile devices are not just a means to communicate with others. They’ve evolved into a data storage device, a video and sound recorder, as well as an easy way to access our bank accounts. Mobile security is often overlooked by many technology users, who dismiss the reality of security risks brought by careless interactions […]

Control Panel Version

Enhancements A new option in the Spam and Malware Protection module emails from the selected domain be sent exclusively through our infrastructure. For this purpose, email sending is restricted to our relay IPs. Regular expressions can now be used to define filter rules in the “Compliance Filter” module. Changes to the “Out of Office” notes […]

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Plans for iOS15 put victims of stalking and abuse at risk

Apple has announced some innovations for iOS 15 are a cause for concern among victims of abuse and organizations that support survivors. Among other things, it will be possible to locate devices that are switched off. This is a disaster for people who…

Mobile security threats: reality or myth?

Consumers are sometimes skeptical about warnings that smartphones face just as many security threats as regular computers. While some security experts might seem over-zealous shouting about the dangers, the vast majority of warnings about mobile security threats are indeed justified. Just because our phones are not tethered physically to a network doesn’t mean they’re safe […]

Is it good, bad or something in between?

There has been a lot said about data scraping. Here is a breakdown of what it is, why it might be problematic and how we might deal with it going forward.