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Control Panel Version (scheduled for CW 40)

Enhancements: The Compliance Filter has been implemented as an HTML module. Individual rules for incoming and outgoing emails can now be created on a simplified user interface. In the Quarantine Report module, you can now create individual texts for quarantine reports. The time and date format in the quarantine reports has been modified: The format […]

Der Beitrag Control Panel Version (scheduled for CW 40) erschien zuerst auf Hornetsecurity.

Government Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit by Ransomware

Tyler Technologies, the self-proclaimed largest provider of US public sector software and technology services, is struggling with a cyberattack that disrupted many of its operations. As of yesterday, the official website tylertech.com is offline, and a maintenance notice greets users accessing the page: “Our Tyler Technologies corporate website is temporarily unavailable. We are aware of […]

Bad Actors Could Exploit US Mail-In Voting System, FBI and CISA Warn

A joint statement released by the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Tuesday warns that foreign actors and cybercriminals are likely to exploit this year’s US mail-in voting system to spread disinformation about the 2020 elections. “The increased use of mail-in ballots due to COVID-19 protocols could leave officials with incomplete […]

Rogue Shopify Staff Accessed Customer Records, Says Ecommerce Platform Investigating Security Breach

Members of Shopify’s support team abused access to company network Customer contact information and order details accessed FBI and international law enforcement agencies are investigating Shopify, the major ecommerce platform which powers many online stores, has revealed that it suffered a serious breach of security at the hands of two rogue employees. According to a […]

Eyewear Giant Luxottica Confirms Ransomware Attack

Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear manufacturer, has suffered a ransomware attack that forced the company to shut down operations. According to Italian media outlets, operations at Luxottica plants in Agordo and Sedico were disrupted due to a significant computer system failure. Employees were sent home via an SMS announcing, “the second work shift of today […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Will Pay Over Half a Million Dollar Fine After Data Breach Lawsuit

Dunkin Donuts has agreed to pay $650,000 as penalty settlement costs for the lawsuit over its failure to respond to credential stuffing attacks that compromised customer accounts between 2015 and 2019. What happened? In early 2015, Dunkin’, franchisor of Dunkin’ Donuts, was repeatedly alerted by its third-party app developer of unauthorized access on customer accounts […]

Ransomware attack foiled, but details of 540,000 sports referees still stolen by hackers

Ransomware attack foiled, but details of 540,000 sports referees still stolen by hackersRansomware attack detected and blocked at ArbiterSports But not before sensitive data was exfiltrated Questions raised about how securely firm was storing passwords and social security numbers. The details of approximately 540,000 sports referees, league officials and game officials have been stolen by hackers after an attack on ArbiterSports, a company owned by the National […]