Your highly secure business workspace

SecureSafe makes business collaboration secure and simple. Share your files and stay in sync with your team, suppliers or customers, anywhere, anytime. Strong encryption and authentication ensure that only team members or customers can view the files stored in a shared workspace. This makes SecureSafe highly suitable for sharing sensitive information such as financial, client and patient data.

Transfer Files Securely to Anyone
The Secure File Transfer Function allows you to transfer files online with the same high security standard that characterizes SecureSafe. Simply log in to your SecureSafe account, choose the file you want to send and click the “Send”-option in the menu bar.
All your business files stored in a single, secure location
With SecureSafe for Business, you can store important  documents in a highly secure location and protect them from access by unauthorised parties. Team-Spaces allow you to invite your team members  and create secure shared workspaces.
Keep Track of Any Changes
With the built-in activity viewer you can easily keep track of any changes taking place in your shared Team-Spaces. You can even activate email notifications to be instantly notified when for example new documents are uploaded.
Keep Your Files in Sync Across Devices
The SecureSafe Client for Mac and PC allows you to sync all of your SecureSafe files to your local Mac or Windows computer. This makes it even easier for you to work with and share files that are stored in your SecureSafe – and to keep them in sync at all times.
SecureSafe vs Dropbox
Company Can Never Access Your Data Check-48


Secure Login with 2 Factor Authentication Check-48 Check-48
View Images/PDFs Without Leaving Digital Trace Check-48


File transfer in secure tunnel with SSL/TLS Check-48 Check-48
Additional AES transport (On Top of SSL) Check-48


Securely Send Files as Download Link w. Security Code Check-48


100% Swiss Based Data Centers (Owned and Maintained) Check-48


All Data Stored with Triple Redundancy Check-48


Customer Specific Encryption of Personal Key Chain Check-48


Cryptographic Authentication Scheme Check-48


System Submitted to Regular Security Vulnerability Tests Check-48 Check-48

Secure Collaboration

Securely exchange presentations, diagrams and Excel sheets and keep them organised in your Team-Space.

Secure Mobile Access

Instantly access your Team-Space from any iOS or Android device. Your data remains highly secure even with mobile access.

Secure Invitation Process

Securely invite team members by email and send them a separate code to identify themselves.

Management Panel

Manage your Team-Space directly within the web application and assign roles to different team members.

Activity Journal

Always stay updated on the latest activities in your Team-Space with the activity journal function.

Secure Viewer

With the built-in SecureViewer function, you can view PDF files without leaving a digital trace.

TeamSpace Trial

30-day Trial
2 Users
100MB Shared Quota

Who is SecureSafe and what is their stance on privacy?

Made in Switzerland

SecureSafe is engineered and operated in Switzerland. All data is 100 % stored in Swiss data centers which fulfill the requirements of the Swiss banking commission.