AppMoat is a Security-as-a-Service solution built with patented endpoint code isolation technology. Backed by a Security Operations Center that operates 24/7/365, AppMoat immediately isolates and contains new and unknown applications, services, and code, while trained Security Specialists determine the validity of the application. AppMoat runs on Windows Desktop and Server operating systems and is compatible with legacy systems such as Windows XP and Server 2003. AppMoat, in conjunction with other primary endpoints protection solutions, creates a True In-Depth Defense.

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Security Operations Center

Trained Security Specialists monitor your endpoints 24/7/365 and actively provides Real-Time protection to your business and endpoints


AppMoat acts in Real-Time to protect your Windows endpoints, preventing malicious and unknown applications from running

Customizable Deployment

Whether you deploy manually or via MDM, AppMoat is customizable to your preferred deployment means.

Windows Endpoint Compatible

Compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows and Server Operating Systems, including Windows 11 and Server 2019.

Legacy OS Support

Have an old Server or Windows endpoint?  Don’t worry; we have you covered.  AppMoat’s compatibility begins with Windows XP and Server 2003.

Physical & Virtual Environments

Whether your endpoints are physical devices or housed in a virtual environment, AppMoat is there to protect you.

Small System Footprint

Huge protection with a small footprint, AppMoat uses minimal system resources while running in the background monitoring for unwanted application executions.

Minimal IT Management

Let us handle the monitoring and protection of your endpoints so your staff doesn’t have to.