How to sync endpoints with Active Directory?

With the AD Integrator in the Bitdefender GravityZone you can import the computer inventory to easy deploy and manage all computers in a network.

Note :One Endpoint must be designated as the AD Integration, which must be running a Windows OS, has joined the AD, is running the Bitdefender Endpoint Security and is always online.

Setting Up the AD Integrator

1. Go to the Network page
2. Choose a Endpoint Computer to be the AD Integrator with the check mark
3. Click the Tasks button at the upper side of the table and choose Set AD Integrator.
4. Confirm your action by clicking YES
You can notice the new icon of the endpoint stating that it is an AD Integrator. In a couple of minutes, you will be able to view the Active Directory tree next to
Custom Groups. For large Active Directory networks, the synchronization may take a longer time to complete. The endpoints joined in the same domain as
the AD Integrator will move from Custom Groups to the Active Directory container

GravityZone automatically synchronizes with Active Directory every hour.

GravityZone limits the use of the AD Integrator to only one at a time, in each managed company. Nevertheless, it allows you to change the AD Integrator by designating another endpoint as integrator.
● If the endpoint is in the same domain, the inventory continues to synchronize with Active Directory same as before.
● If the endpoint is in another domain, you will be able to view the inventories of both domains in Control Center, but GravityZone will synchronize only the new inventory with Active Directory.