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Layered Endpoint Security for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Advanced threat protection with patented machine learning, firewall, device- and application control, web content filtering, MS Exchange protection, encryption, patch management, email security and EDR. Available for Managed Service Providers as multi-tenant cloud solution.

Unified endpoint management delivers IT and security leaders the technology needed to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Watson™, MaaS360 is the only platform that delivers an AI approach to UEM to enable endpoints, end users, and everything in between — including apps, content, security and data as a complete solution.

The automated cyber awareness solution for MSPs. usecure’s admin-lite, cloud-based, multi-tenant platform is designed to be seamlessly added to your MSP solution stack, helping you to reduce your clients’ user-related security incidents, boost service value and drive MRR. Includes security awareness training, simplified policy manager, phishing simulator and dark web monitoring. Asses your customers exposure with the Human Risk Report feature.

Blue Shield Umbrella is a cloud-based security solution with real-time threat prevention. All internet traffic is verified on the DNS level with AI based algorithms. Traffic gets scanned and blocked before it can reach the corporate network. The solution is multi-tenant and MSP enabled. 

Complete Endpoint Protection by the German pioneer of antimalware software. Superior detection through dual-engine technology, firewall, device- and application control, web content filtering and patch management. Offers mobile device management, Windows, OS/X, Linux support and network monitoring.

Comprehensive Email Security with SPAM filtering, archiving, email encryption and continuity. Advanced threat protection, content filtering and in-depth auditing ensure safe email traffic.

Sending and receiving files securely via email. Complete audit trail of file downloads. The Outlook plugin makes this solution user-friendly and allows to enforce complianced and automated stripping of large files.

SecureSafe is a digital data and password safe  using double encryption and zero knowledge architecture to provide the highest level of privacy protection. Data inheritance and files sending and sharing completes this solution.

Built as a Pre-Boot-Authentication (PBA) system Secure Disk for BitLocker is a small security operating system that is loaded prior the start of Windows. It offers additional boot features and full management of the underlaying Windows encryption. The BitLocker add-on eliminates all limitations of BitLocker

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Contronex, Inc. specializes in the distribution of IT security software solutions to resellers and managed service providers in the United States and Canada.  We have developed our unique SecureValue Partner Program to make it easier for you to purchase the products your clients’ need, without all of the hassle that you have come to expect from an IT distributor.
If your company is looking for IT security products, we are here to help.  Utilizing our partner network, we will help you get connected with a local reseller that can assist you in getting the right products to meet your needs.  If we don’t have a partner in your area, our experienced team members will help you do a needs analysis and ensure you are getting the solution that is best for your company.

industry news

Hackers Steal Crime Files in Attack on Belgian Police Station, Then Demand Ransom

Ragnar Locker ransomware operators hit a police station in Antwerp, Belgium,
making off with crime report files, investigation reports and personal
information of police agents.

Then, in a twist that demonstrates the brazenness of today’s cybercriminal, the
crooks demanded ransom – from the police.

18 years worth of data

The attackers had initially targeted the offices of the municipality of
Zwijndrecht, but ended up hacking Zwijndrecht police, according to

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Threat actor publicly shares stolen data of 5.4 million Twitter users

Last week a data broker using the handle “Pompompurin” uploaded a database with
the stolen information of 5.4 million Twitter users on a hacking forum.

The records, now publicly available to download, are the same ones put up for
in late July 2022 for $30,000 US, after malicious actors exploited a now
disclosed Twitter API vulnerability from 2021.


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Apple Users Report Seeing Other People’s Photos When Using iCloud for Windows

A strange bug has startled the Apple user community, as some people claim to
have seen other users’ photos in their own online library, but only when
accessing it via iCloud for Windows.

What started as scattered weird reports from the Apple community on the
forum seems to be gaining traction as more people report the same problems.
Seeing other people’s images in y

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How to Share Your VPN Connection

Protecting your online privacy has become a necessity as malicious agents find
more ways to use your personal data for their benefit.

From apparently benign online tracking to government surveillance, online
profiling, pervasive ads and targeted attacks, your data can be used in a wide
range of scenarios, and none of them are good.

VPNs are highly effective tools, proven to counter these privacy violations by

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Authorities Dismantle iSpoof Criminal Phone Spoofing Operation, Arresting 142

European, US, Australian, Canadian and Ukrainian authorities have cooperated to
take down a prolific online phone number spoofing service dubbed “iSpoof,”
leading to the arrest of 142 individuals.

Authorities have taken down the websites that facilitated the service. The
malicious platform enabled threat actors to impersonate trusted contacts or
organizations to deceive victims into handing out sensitive information.

“The services of the website allowed those who sign up and pay for the servic

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975 Arrested by Interpol Over Phishing, Romance Scams, Sextortion and Investment Fraud

Interpol agents have arrested almost 1,000 people suspected of voice phishing,
romance scams, sextortion and investment fraud, seizing some $130 million in the

Operation HAECHI III, coordinated between June and November by Interpol’s
Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Centre (IFCACC) with the support of
authorities in 30 countries, resulted in the arrest of 975 individuals and
resolved more than 1,600 cases.

The stint brought together law enforcement agencies, financial intelligence

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