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Layered Endpoint Security for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Advanced threat protection with patented machine learing, firewall, device- and application control, web content filtering, MS Exchange protection, encryption and patch management. Available for Managed Service Providers as multi-tenant cloud solution.
Complete Endpoint Protection by the German pioneer of antimalware software. Superior detection through dual-engine technology, firewall, device- and application control, web content filtering and patch management. Offers mobile device management, Windows, OS/X, Linux support and network monitoring.
Award winning antimalware solution with proven detection, prevention and repair. Protection for Windows based systems, servers and Microsoft Exchange. Managed with choice of consoles offering additonal optional functionalities.
Comprehensive Email Security with SPAM filtering, archiving, email encryption and continuity. Advanced threat protection, content filtering and in-depth auditing ensure safe email traffic.
SecureSafe is a digital data and password safe  using double encryption and zero knowledge architecture to provide the highest level of privacy protection. Data inheritance and files sending and sharing completes this solution.
Sending and receiving files securely via email. Complete audit trail of file downloads. The Outlook plugin makes this solution user-friendly and allows to enforce complianced and automated stripping of large files.

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Contronex, Inc. specializes in the distribution of IT security software solutions to resellers and managed service providers in the United States and Canada.  We have developed our unique SecureValue Partner Program to make it easier for you to purchase the products your clients’ need, without all of the hassle that you have come to expect from an IT distributor.
If your company is looking for IT security products, we are here to help.  Utilizing our partner network, we will help you get connected with a local reseller that can assist you in getting the right products to meet your needs.  If we don’t have a partner in your area, our experienced team members will help you do a needs analysis and ensure you are getting the solution that is best for your company.

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10 ways to deadbolt your Google account

2018 alone has seen billions of accounts hacked across a wide range of applications and services, proving once more that even the biggest Internet players can’s always keep users’ accounts under lock and key. Hackers are increasingly apt at flying under the radar, making life hard for everyone in their crosshairs. While big companies have […]

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Phishing for love in all the wrong places

When it comes to love and romance, some locations are just special. They simply top all others as preferred honeymoon or romantic getaway destinations. And the same is true of phishing. Some locations around the globe are just more popular than others …

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The smart home: How it all began

Controlling the lights with your voice or adjusting the heating via the internet is now just part of everyday life for most of us. But the roots of the smart home go way back. We’ve all longed for the day when technology would help us out with ev…

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Google makes data tracking personal (unless you say no)

Google says it might combine your personal data from services such as Gmail together with info from their DoubleClick tracker operations. That is, unless you say no.
The post Google makes data tracking personal (unless you say no) appeared first on Av…

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Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube extension pulled from Chrome Store for pop-up ad abuse

A popular browser extension has been removed by Google from the Chrome Web Store after it started spamming users with irritating pop-up advertisements. The “Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube” extension, used by over 4 million Chrome users to force YouTube into playing videos at high quality, was recently updated to display ads for another Chrome extension. […]

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