How to temporarily turn off on-access scanning

You have 2 options to temporarily disable the On-Access Scan on a client. Option number 1 would be via the Power User through the client and option number 2 would be via the GravityZone Console.

Option 1

Please make sure that the installed software package contains the Power User option and that the assigned policy has the also the Power User option checked.
On the client in question, please click the Bitdefender logo in the task bar and select Power User. Enter the password that was assigned within the policy.
Now a new window opens and in the upper left corner you can uncheck the On-Access Scanning. Click save.
At this point On-Access Scanning is switched off.

Option 2

Please go to Policies and clone the Policy that is assigned to the client in question. Rename it i.e. to “On-Access Scanning Off” and go to Antimalware > On-Access and remove the check mark that enables the On-Access Scanning.
Save the cloned and adjusted Policy and deploy it to the client in question.
Now the On-Access Scanning is switched off.
If you want to switch it on again, deploy the original Policy again.