How do I setup a new client?

To setup a new client:

  1. Login to the GravityZone console at
  2. Click Companies in the left side menu
  3. Push the + Add button
  4. Enter the name of the Company, which would be your client’s name. You do not have to enter the address or phone information, but it can make things easier for you if there is an issue and need their contact information.
  5. You can upload your company’s logo by clicking Change to alter what your client sees if they login to the console in the upper left corner.
  6. Under type you can choose either Customer or Partner.  Customers are the most common, but occasionally you will need to use the Partner type.  This allows the newly created company to also create Companys under their account, which can be useful for subsidiaries or organizing your clients between your sales reps/techs.
  7. Under license, choose the type Trial for a 30-day trial or Monthly Subscription to set them up as an MSP customer that is billed monthly based on the number of actively checking in systems.
  8. Push Save

To setup a package to install the software on your new client’s computers:

  1. Click Packages on the left side menu
  2. On the package screen, click the + Add button at the top
  3. One the new screen that pops up, enter the name of the package you are creating (eg. Workstation Installer for Company) and choose the company that you want to use this installer for in the dropdown.
  4. Choose the Modules that you want to have installed on the system.  Make sure that you check the box next to Relay if you want the deployment/network discovery functionality. If you check Relay, make sure that you don’t use this to install on more than one system, you do not need more than one relay on most networks.
  5. Click Save at the bottom to create the package
  6. Now you just have to check the box next to this newly created package and click Download to get the installation file to run on the system. The Windows Downloader is a smaller file that will download the necessary installation files from the internet. The Kits are full installation packages that can also be used for deployment through RMM agents or Group Policies.

If you chose to make the installation package with with a Relay, duplicate the above steps to make another installation package that doesn’t have the Relay option checked.  Once you have installed the relay module, you can use it to do a Network Discovery and to push installs to systems on a Domain Network.


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