How do I deploy the client software to a Domain Network?

The Relay module is what makes this possible using the GravityZone console.  Once a Relay has done a Network Discovery, systems will start appearing under Network in the left side menu.

To push an install to these systems:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Network in the left side menu
  3. Navigate to the company that you want to install the software by browsing through the tree.
  4. All of the systems with  next to the system name do not have Bitdefender’s client installed.  Check the box next to the systems that you want to start the installation on.
  5. Click Tasks, Install
  6. At the top you can determine when the installation will occur, either immediately or recurring at a set time until all installs are complete.
  7. Choose whether or not you would like the systems to automatically reboot
  8. Under the Credentials Managers, enter your domain admin credentials with the format of domain\username with the password.  Click the to add the credentials.
  9. Check the box next to the newly added credentials to tell the installation which to use for the task.
  10. Under Deployer, click the name of the relay which will be used for the push.
  11. Choose the name of the package that you want to use, ensuring that it isn’t a package including the relay module. To customize the package’s modules click the Customize button.
  12. Push Save to start the installation task.
  13. To view the status of the running install jobs, click Tasks in the left hand menu.
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