• A new 365 Total Protection plan is now available: 365 Total Protection Compliance & Awareness. This plan includes the services 365 Total Protection Enterprise, 365 Total Backup, 365 Permission Manager, Security Awareness Service and AI Recipient Validation.
  • The new AI Recipient Validation service has been introduced. This service targets customers with Microsoft 365 and is installed as an add-in in the Outlook applications of their users. The add-in warns users when trying to send emails to the wrong recipients or with undesired content.


  • If an administrator changes their language in Control Panel, the new language is now applied to all services.
  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, an error message is now displayed when an action fails on several selected emails.
  • In the “Reporting and Compliance > Threat Live Report” module, an error when loading the live attack overview has been fixed.
  • In the “Deny & Allow Lists” module, the option to delete records is again displayed to users. In addition, a user-level display error in the “Allow List” tab has been fixed.
  • Hornet.email users can not only use their primary address but now also their alias address in combination with their Control Panel password to log in to SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Exchange Active Sync and Hornet.email Webmail. For Hornet.email Webmail, the alias address must belong to the same domain as the user’s primary address.
  • The documentation portal has been updated. Navigation and security improvements have been introduced. The feedback function will be reintroduced later on.

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