What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) puts you and your IT managers back in charge of the organization’s mobile device landscape. With a range of smart, centralized functions – also for antivirus and antitheft protection – a good MDM setup enables your business to manage your iOS and Android mobile devices effectively and securely.

Why should you care about MDM?

  • Cyberattack is on the rise – and smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, which often have little protection, offer an easy gateway to hackers.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios, with hybrid business and private use, present increased exposure to malware attack. You need to keep devices secure without restricting users.
  • Every year, 70 million smartphones are lost, and only 7 percent of owners ever get their phone back. How do you keep your business data safe when devices are lost or stolen so frequently?


  • Centralized Managment from one dashboard for all iOS and Android devices: tree-based view with features such as mass assignment of security profiles, central auditing
  • Lost Phone?  Emergency actions allow you to remotely wipe data, lock a device, and remove passcodes from a central point of control if devices are lost or stolen
  • Easily implement multiple profiles for different types of employees for functional, passcode and app policies, mirroring different security levels
  • Control access to media content and business contacts

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