The risks from software vulnerabilities are often underestimated. Cyber criminals exploit these security holes to program software exploits and thus attack companies. This enables the perpetrators to steal sensitive company data and gain access to the network.

A remarkable fact about this: a patch already exists for around 90% of exploit vulnerabilities. G DATA PatchManagement reliably identifies such security holes and easily and quickly closes them, using tested patches from the largest patch database in the world.


  • Detection of software vulnerabilities and software inventarisation
  • Patch prioritisation and installation planning
  • Risk assessment and testing of relevant patches
  • Patch deployment & installation
  • Assessment of compliance in the system

G DATA PatchManagement provides:

  • Fast updates for all Windows-based systems and removal of all application-specific vulnerabilities (Microsoft & third-party providers), even where client configurations are different
  • Classification of patches by criticality – this function can be adapted according to the user
  • Software inventarization throughout the entire company network, with integrated blacklisting and whitelisting for fast identification of software that does not correspond to company guidelines
  • Full integration of PatchManagement in the central G DATA Administrator and in the ReportManager, giving a transparent overview of the patch status in the network
  • Numerous scheduling configuration options to adapt PatchManagement detection, deployment and installation processes as closely as possible to the customer’s business structure
  • Easily scalable to support future software and initiatives without the need to make changes to G DATA PatchManagement
  • Client or group recognition and deployment jobs for rapid update distribution
  • Optional uninstalling of unwanted patches
  • Access to over 15,000 pretested patches

G DATA PatchManagement’s wizard-supported analysis helps administrators assess risk. Furthermore, some 15,000 tested patches offer security that does not come with any compatibility issues. To do this, G DATA PatchManagement accesses the largest pool of patches and updates in the world, in which every major software provider, including Microsoft, Adobe and Sun, is represented.

G DATA PatchManagement is an add-on module that can be combined with any network solution such as G DATA AntiVirus, G DATA ClientSecurity and G DATA EndpointProtection.

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