Server Security

Powerful, efficient virus protection for servers

Avira Server Security shields your network’s central receiving and distributing points against security breaches. Whether you need to protect a single central file server, or a mix of Windows or Unix servers across multiple sites, choose Avira and consider it done.

Avira Server Security scans files and archives in real time, using minimal processing power. Automatic updates ensure the best possible protection at all times. The Avira Management Console allows you to scan or
troubleshoot your servers right from your desktop.

Cutting-edge Antivirus Technology
From multilevel scanning to behavior-based monitoring, its one product that offers the very best in business data protection. Fully certified for Windows Server 2012.

Intuitive Administration Dashboard
Make life easy with two intuitive graphic user interfaces that make setting up and managing a network environment a snap.

Scalable, Customizable and Lightweight
Ideal for small businesses, Avira Server Security is a one-size-fits-all server protection platform that offers complete protection in a compact, customizable package.

Avira Server Security Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs:

  • Windows Support
  • 1 ,2, or 3 Year License Options
  • Educational Institution Discounts
  • Non-Profit Organization Discounts
  • Government Organization Discounts
  • Competitive Trade-In Discounts
  • Free Upgrades and Updates during the license period
  • Free Cross-Platform Changes
  • One License for all supported platforms