Managed Email Security

Virus-free. Spam-free. Hassle-free. Cloud email security by Avira.

Avira filters email traffic in their own data centers so nothing but clean mail enters your network. Take back your bandwidth and say goodbye to antispam software that slows your mail server to a crawl. Forget virus definition updates and loading the newest blacklist.

System requirements? None! Cloud security is platform-independent.


Avira Managed Email Security can be customized for your needs:

  • 1 ,2, or 3 Year License Options
  • Educational Institution Discounts
  • Non-Profit Organization Discounts
  • Government Organization Discounts
  • Maintenance Free with Everthing Hosted in the Cloud
  • Individual Quarantines for Each Email Account
  • LDAP Synchronization

Intelligent detection

  • Bayesian filtering Email traffic is thoroughly inspected for telltale character and word combinations, and anything suspicious is sent to the quarantine. This perceptive technology keeps your network one step ahead of cyber bullies’ ever-changing tactics.
  • HICAR (Heuristic Image Character Recognition) An Avira exclusive, HICAR technology works to detect encrypted characters and words embedded in images.
  • Message structure analysis The structure and headers of the email are examined for signs of spam, viruses, phishing and other dangers, while the message body is examined for links to malicious websites.
  • Advanced greylisting Based on content and behavior analysis, new spammers are flagged upon their first attempt. This provides early stage detection before they are added to official antispam blacklists.

Hassle-free protection

  • No endpoint maintenance Because it’s not installed on site, there is no software to update. Avira cloud security will remain compatible with your mail server even after you replace it or change platforms.
  • LDAP synchronization Thanks to automated Active Directory syncing, address authentication continues even if your server goes offline.
  • Radius support Keeping track of complex passwords is inconvenient enough. Avira’s cloud email protection is compatible with networks that assign a universal login.
  • Quarantine reports Users can receive daily reports of blocked messages via email so they don’t have to remember to check their spam queue. The administrator can access comprehensive statistics within the web interface or receive reports automatically via email.