Professional Security

Avira Professional Security is the ideal choice for offices that…

Protects your desktop PCs and Notebooks – securely and efficiently

Avira Professional Security offers maximum security for your networked workstation computers under Windows, Unix, and Mac. Digital attackers such as viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, rootkits and adware/spyware are reliably detected and eliminated.

Includes the Avira Management Console (AMC) for centrally installing, managing and updating all protected desktop is your network.

Business Antivirus with Email and Web Protection

No matter what your employees open—or where they click—their PCs, your customers’ privacy and your company’s reputation are guarded against viruses, phishing and other cyber threats.

Time-Saving Central Management

Tired of the runaround? Stay right at your desk and use the Avira Management Console (AMC) to install, configure and monitor Avira Professional Security for every workstation on the network.

Simple. Scalable. Silent.

Avira Professional security is designed to integrate smoothly with Avira Mac Security. Through the Avira Management Console, all installations, updates and detections can be either customized or automated. Even more, your internet security will run silently in the background, leaving you to focus on your most important tasks.


Avira Professional Security Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs:

  • Windows Support
  • 1 ,2, or 3 Year License Options
  • Educational Institution Discounts
  • Non-Profit Organization Discounts
  • Government Organization Discounts
  • Competitive Trade-In Discounts
  • Free Upgrades and Updates during the license period
  • Free Cross-Platform Changes
  • One License for all supported platforms