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Hackers claim to have compromised 600,000 CAF accounts in France

Threat actors claim to have compromised 600,000 accounts of social security
beneficiaries in France with La Caisse des Allocations Familiales (CAF).

The hack was disclosed earlier this week (Feb. 12) on the social media platform
X (formerly Twitter) b…

North Korean Hackers Turn Profit from Malware-Laced Gambling Websites

Cybersecurity experts noticed a new illicit revenue-generating activity among
North Korean hackers: building malware-laced gambling websites and selling them
to other cybercriminals.

Gambling Websites Turned Into MaaS
In other words, the activity coul…

FCC outlaws use of AI-generated voice in robocalls

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unanimously passed regulation
banning telemarketers from using AI-generated voices in robocalls.

The decision, adopted Feb. 8, makes it illegal to employ voices generated using
artificial intelligence…

Monthly Threat Report February 2024: A Month for Breaches and Ransomware

This month, we’ve witnessed a decline in low-effort high-volume email attacks, but a rise in targeted, sophisticated assaults. FedEx, Amazon, and Facebook were prime targets for brand impersonation. The breach of Microsoft’s executive emails by the ‘Midnight Blizzard’ group highlighted OAuth application security concerns. Additionally, AnyDesk reported a breach, and Johnson Controls faced a significant ransomware attack.