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Cyber Incidents Drive Security Analysts Away from Their Jobs, New Study Shows

Cybersecurity teams have historically been hampered by lax IT budgets, a shortage of skills and alert fatigue, which leaves security analysts overwhelmed by the sheer amount of alerts to parse. However, retention issues also plague the industry. And according to a recent study, the increasing volume of cyber-attacks in recent years is directly responsible for […]

Data Scraping: Associated Security and Privacy Risks

Web scraping, or data scraping, is the process of extracting and collecting data from websites. Today, data harvesting is mostly automated, relying on specific tools. On a much smaller scale, regular internet users often participate in data scraping. This manual process requires users to copy-paste the information into a locally stored document or file. Businesses […]

Australia’s Proposed Curriculum Aims to Teach Five-Year-Olds About Online Privacy and Cybersecurity

The latest revised draft of Australia’s primary school curriculum proposes to teach students about cybersecurity from the age of five. The newly proposed curriculum for children aged five to 16 includes a new strand indicating a new discipline “Considering privacy and security” that “involves students developing appropriate techniques for managing data, which is personal, and […]

Apple Fixes Zero-Day Flaws in Unscheduled iOS Update – Here’s How to Patch

Apple this week issued out-of-band updates for mobile customers to patch two zero-day vulnerabilities that let attackers execute remote code on their iDevices. The Cupertino-based tech giant says criminals “may” have already exploited the flaws. Available for most iDevices in circulation, iOS 14.5.1 (and the complementary iPadOS 14.5.1) fixes a critical memory corruption issue in […]