As a registered partner with Contronex, you are able to purchase any standard Bitdefender products through your Account Manager or the Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network.  If you haven’t already spoken to your account manager, you will be receiving a call shortly.

To take advantage of the MSP offering with the monthly billing option, we must receive a signed copy of the the Contronex MSP agreement.

Bitdefender MSP Agreement

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Model
Rather than just selling the Endpoint Product to the corporate end-user, a Managed Service Provider remotely
installs, manages and supports the Endpoint Protection for the client. The Bitdefender Cloud Control Center
enables the MSP to configure, manage and monitor the individual customer’s installations (Consoles) from one
centralized location. It further enables the MSP to offer more flexible licensing and billing (i.e. monthly instead of

MSP Cloud Control Center
In the Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud Control Center the MSP adds all his customer’s individual management
consoles. He can then see all his customers in one interface. This enables the MSP to install new Endpoints at any
customer locations, change configurations, set alerts and run reports. The MSP can also allow the individual
customer companies to access their environment through the Cloud Console.

Bitdefender Licensing
Licensing for Bitdefender is based on the maximum number of protected endpoints/devices each month. The
licensing does not differentiate between servers, desktops, notebooks, or virtual machines. There are endpoint
client versions for Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac.

The MSP receives one GravityZone MSP Login. For every new customer, a new company must be added in the
resellers GravityZone Console. The reseller can run a license usage report at any time to see the total number of
active licenses he will be billed for.

License Usage and Billing
The Bitdefender MSP program is only offered for authorized Bitdefender resellers.

The minimum number of licenses is 50 (fifty). The MSP will be invoiced monthly on the first day of the following
month for the maximum number of client licenses used during the previous month or 50 Licenses whichever is

Terms and Conditions

  • MSP Reseller agrees to resell or rent the Client Software to end users in accordance with the End-User License Agreement of Bitdefender Software, Inc. (“EULA”).
  • MSP Reseller has read this Contronex Bitdefender MSP Agreement, understands its contents and agrees with them.
  • Either party can terminate this agreement by giving at least thirty (30) days written notice ending on the last day of a calendar month. The MSP Reseller must then remove all managed systems by the last day of that calendar month to avoid any additional charges.

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