HUMAN RISK REPORT (free for our partners for a limited time)

Introducing: The Human Risk Report for MSPs

When trying to win new clients and grow your business, there’s a good rule of thumb that your managed service should stick to:

“Don’t just market to your customers, educate them.”

With usecure’s newest feature, the Human Risk Report (HRR) for MSPs, you’re now able to calculate the employee cyber risk of new and prospective clients in just a few clicks, and showcase this data to decision-makers in a way that enables you to:

Get started and launch your first HRR today

☑ Generate more sales opps
☑ Win new clients faster
☑ Differentiate your service offering
☑ Unlock a gateway for selling other services

The automated cyber awareness solution for MSPs. usecure’s admin-lite, cloud-based, multi-tenant platform is designed to be seamlessly added to your MSP solution stack, helping you to reduce your clients’ user-related security incidents, boost service value and drive MRR. Includes security awareness training, simplified policy manager, phishing simulator and dark web monitoring. NOW includes the Human Risk Report to help you generate new prospects and clients.

Product Information


Rapid deployment

With a 100% cloud-based setup and 0365 integration, setup is seamless.


Exclusive MSP portal

Manage clients, control billing, activate free trials and more.


Easy white-labelling

Easily align usecure to yours and your clients’ own branding.


Security Awareness Training

Untitled design (37) Automate ongoing training
Untitled design (37) Target user risk areas
Untitled design (37) Video & interactive learning


Simulated Phishing Software

Untitled design (37) Automate regular simulations
Untitled design (37) Analyse user vulnerability
Untitled design (37) Custom spear-phishing tests 


Simplified Policy Management

Untitled design (37) Automate policy communications
Untitled design (37) Track employee eSign approvals
Untitled design (37) Centralize and amend versions 


Dark Web Monitoring

Untitled design (37) Automate ongoing breach scans
Untitled design (37) Detect exposed user credentials
Untitled design (37) Risk reporting dashboard