Updating Your License

G DATA Business Products

Navigate to the G DATA folder in the start menu.  Click on the Management Server, and then Internet Update. On Server 2012, you can just search for Internet Update.

When the window opens, you will be shown your current access data. If you already have your new access data, you can enter it here. If you do not, hit the Online Registration button.  Fill out all of the information on the screen that you are presented, including the new registration number.  Once this has been completed, you will be presented with your new access data.  Be sure to save this somewhere!  It should automatically update the credentials on the Internet Update main screen after you do this.  If not, plugin your new access data.  Once you have changed the access date, hit update virus database to ensure that the credentials work and the updates are downloaded.

G DATA Residential Products

Step 1

Click the setting button in your G DATA window


Step 2

Under the Antivirus option on the left side, click Updates


Step 3

Click Activate License on the right side of the screen


Step 4

Enter the key you received in your email into the Registration Number field.  Fill out the rest of the information with your personal contact information. Once done, click Login.


If You Have More Than One Computer

After the first computer, you will use the access data that you recieve from G DATA once you have activated your key.  Follow steps 1 and 2 again, but on the third step instead of clicking activate license you will just enter the username and password you received from G DATA in your email into the fields on the Update Screen.  Once you have entered it, click ok and the computer will be updated.

Avira Business Products Using the Management Console

To change a license key installed through AMC, its necessary load the new license in:
1) The AMC server
2) In all of the packages in the software repository
3) On the clients where Avira is already installed

All of this can be done from the AMC frontend:
1) On the server: Right click in the root (Avira Management Console Frontend) > license > New license
2) In the repository: In the section of “Software Repository” > click on each package of software > load new
license file.
3) To apply the changes into the clients already installed: Right click in Security Environment > Installation
[Avira Product] > Copy files > add > locate the new license file, highlight the newly added file on the left side, and click on copy
Where [Avira Product] is each product already installed (Not the Agent!)
Verify in the client that the license update is correct..

IMPORTANT: Please don’t change the original name of the license (hbedv.key) to another; otherwise, the license will be copied to the clients but not recognized by the program!