It started three months ago, at the end of February 2013, when I had a question that the Avira website could not answer. I called the 800 number listed for the USA and was directed to Contronex, Inc. where a gentleman named Beat Kramer answered my call. It was nice to get a live voice and my experience continued to escalate very positively from that point forward.

I am a small business owner who helps small companies and small nonprofit organizations, as well as individuals; maintain their computer systems, buy new equipment, office installs etc. The majority of my work is a via remote access and after years of trying the various competitors to Avira (Norton, McAfee, Avast) finally concluded that Avira was the best overall antivirus company, especially for those computers running with little memory and old operating systems. Since 2010 I have been offering the Avira products to my clients.

Discovering Beat Kramer with Contronex, Inc. has made my job much easier as well as reduced my overall fees in purchasing Avira. Since I pass the majority of the distributor savings to my clients I am always looking for the best alternatives for the price. Beat is always very responsive, listens to my needs, create suggestions and other alternatives I hadn’t thought of, is very pleasant and extremely prompt and accurate and everything he does. As we all know the impression of a company is only as good as the person you are interacting with, and in my opinion Beat Kramer exemplifies perfection. I know that Avira is working on a distributor interface which will make it even easier to purchase products in the future but since he is so responsive this has not been an issue where you need to purchase the license key in advance for your clients where you will be installing the Avira product.

In summary, if you need an antivirus solution there is no choice except to go with Avira and if you are going to resell their products there is no choice except to go with Beat Kramer at Contronex, Inc.

Richard Bell-Irving

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I appreciate your approach – not pushy or irritating, just checking in from time to time. You and your company have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. I’ll let you know if/when any other potential clients come up that need your product.

Mathew Carr

Oh, believe me, any chance I get to tell folks about your products and service they get a glowing report!

Sherri Thompson

I am so stoked with this software! I know I was tough to work with, but the helpdesk person went the extra distance to make it work for me. Please thank him/her. I’m having fun configuring it to our needs.

Ingrid Gain

Shawn thank you so much for all the hard work. I have work with many companys but I have never found anyone that does the great job you do. I want thank you for all of the support you have given me and my company.

George Hebb

Fact is, if there is no Richard involved, things can’t get done.
THANK YOU RICHARD!!! for being sooo awesome and get things done always asap! Good that I can always count on you.
Much appreciated.

S. Leipold