Contronex specializes in the distribution of the industry’s leading corporate IT Security Products and Solutions. Since 1990 thousands of customers have been using Contronex’s services to accomodate their needs for reliable and fast procurement of products. Through our own expert tech support and technical training opportunities we provide true value-add to our partners. Our commitment is quite unique and entwines three simple concepts: Integrity, Reliability and Commitment to Service.

G Data software products offer complete, comprehensive device and network protection for any sized business.

Maximal security for sending files cloudlessly by using powerful encryption with user-friendly options.

Avira offers flexible business security solutions that will meet the needs for any small and medium sized businesses.

SecureSafe is a Swiss digital ‘safe deposit box’ to securely store and exchange important documents and passwords with access form any device.

The gateprotect Next Generation UTM Firewalls combine every security and network feature into one easily managed system.

StopTheHacker’s comprehensive suite of website services help you prevent, detect, and recover from a hacker attack.

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