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StopTheHacker is a suite of security technologies designed to keep a company’s website safe. Some of the technologies include:

  • Web Malware Detection: Scans your website to determine if hackers have injected malicious code on your site. Removes the infected code automatically and immediately. Answers the question:“Am I infected”? and fixes the problem.
  • Vulnerability AssessmentScans your website to let you know about any security holes that hackers may exploit. Answers the question: “Am I Vulnerable for potential attacks”?
  • Uptime MonitoringScans your website to report if your website has been down and unavailable.
  • Reputation Monitoring: Scans of your website against malware, spam, and other blacklists (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others). Answers the question: “Am I Blacklisted”?
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Available Features
.htaccess Hack Detection
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can detect if your htaccess file has been modified to redirect visitors to your site to another malicious domain. The auto cleanup system can fix these issues without any manual intervention.

All pages get checked, every time
Have subdomains? Your website has hundred of pages? No problem. We can scan all your pages. Every time!

Artificial Intelligence: We find security threats before everyone else does
Additionally to the normal Health Monitoring our artificial intelligence based engine with advanced self-adapting capabilities constantly monitor new strains of malware and protects your online business from these emerging threats. Protect your website from never-before-identified malware today.

Automatic Malware Cleanup
We know that not everybody is a security expert. If your website has malware on it, our automated system can remove it for you. Different levels of automations are possible. Decide weather you:
Only want to detect malware and fix malware infected files on your own
Check and detect malware, but let you choose whether to apply fixes.
Apply fixes automatically
The automatic malware cleanup comes with a backup feature, creating a backup of the original file, before automatically cleaning it. This allows you to roll back any changes to the original state.

Blacklist and Reputation Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring is a comprehensive daily check on the status of your website on the Google Safe Browsing List and other search engines including Yahoo, and Bing; malware blacklists like Malware Patrol and Malware URL; DNS Blacklists; phishing blacklists like PhishTank; spam blacklists like SpamCop; and many more.
We automatically notify you if your website ends up on a blacklist and help you to remove your site from the search engine blacklist.

External Link Scan
StopTheHacker will not only scan content on your own website, but also scan websites that you link to. This is to ensure visitors to your site do not get infected even if they visit a third party site where you link to. The goal is to provide you with the information you need to keep control over the complete security envelope of your website.

Facebook Protection
We don’t stop at only protecting your website against hacker attacks, we also offer the possibility to check and protect your Facebook page against spam and scams.

FTP Scanning
StopTheHacker’s service can analyze all files on disk via FTP access and can point out deeply buried malware in your hosting account and on your servers.

Fully automated scans with email alerts – Weekly, Daily, Hourly or Continuous
With StopTheHacker, there’s no software to manage and it’s easy to set up. Based on the edition you choose, we scan your website weekly, daily, hourly or even continuous for thousands of threats, and send you an email alert if we find anything. You even can decide if we should automatically remove the threat.

Insecure Folder Permissions Detection
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can detect if folders on your hosting account have permissions that are unsuitable from a security perspective.

Malicious Change Detection
StopTheHacker’s scanners tell you about malicious code that has changed your webpages. We do not burden security personnel with thousands of – good change updates – instead we target our messaging to make you aware of only the changes you need to pay attention to.

Malware Detection: Protects your website from malware & hackers
Each scan checks all pages of your website for known viruses and web malware threats to see if hackers have injected malicious code into your website. Our notification system immediately informs you about any our scans find, so you can take all actions needed.

Phishing Page Detection
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can detect if your hosting account is being used to serve phishing pages mimicking companies like PayPal and can warn you in advance, before your site gets blocked.

PHP Spam Shell Detection
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can detect if hackers have installed PHP shells (c99, c100, r57 and more) in your hosting account to take over your website. The auto removal function can help not only detect but remove these automatically.

Quality Check
StopTheHacker will always perform a quality check to make sure that malware removal has not affected the functionality of your site.

Scan Subdomains
StopTheHacker service includes scanning of subdomains, like customer.enterprise.comon, your site.

Scan Top Level Domains
StopTheHacker will scan your most important top level domains, like, and more.
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Speed Monitoring
The new Speed Monitoring gives you real-time information on the page speed and response time of your website using detailed graphs.

StopTheHacker Trust Seal
Use the StopTheHacker Trust Seal on your website and online store. Show your visitors and customers that you care about their safety while visiting your website. When your customers see that your site is protected by StopTheHackers advanced security product and scanned regularly on hacker attacks they’ll feel more confident visiting and interacting with your site.

Uptime Monitoring
Up-time Monitoring gives you an overview of the availability of your website including details on down time. In case the site goes down we will send you an email alert.

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability scans can prevent web-based intrusions and identify server and application security vulnerabilities that bots and hackers can use to attack you. We check over 35,000 vulnerabilities on your servers, website and infrastructure. We check for web application vulnerabilities in most popular software like WordPress, Drupal, Django, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, OpenCMS and can uncover vulnerabilities in custom installations too.

Webpage Defacement Detection
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can detect if hackers have defaced your webpages so you can take immediate action.

Website Error Reporting
StopTheHacker’s server side scanner can report which webpages on your website are displaying errors to your customers. This provides you with the information you need to make sure customers can reach what they need on your site.



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