How many systems will I be billed for?

It is always important to see how many licenses you will be billed for at the end of the month.  This information is readily available at all times.

To setup a report for monthly license usage:

  1. Login to
  2. Click Reports in the left side menu
  3. Click + Add to create a new report
  4. In the Type dropdown choose Monthly License Usage
  5. If this is a report that you want to recur and be emailed to you, you can choose Scheduled instead of Now.  To schedule it, choose how often you want to the report to occur (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Yearly) and enter the email address that you want the report to be delivered to.
  6. In the Reporting Interval section, choose This Month to see the current month only. You can change this to the previous month if you would like to keep a copy to compare to your monthly invoice.
  7. To run the report for all of your clients, keep the settings under Target as their default settings.  To narrow the focus of the report to one client, find the client in the tree and check the box next to it.
  8. Click Generate for a one time report, or Save for a scheduled.
  9. If this was a one-time report, you will be taken to the report immediately.  You can click a column’s name to sort the information by the total number of licenses a client is using.  The total next to your parent company’s name is what you will be billed for.  You can click the next to your company to expand and see what is contributing to this total.  It shows every client that you have and how many billed systems they currently have installed. If there is a reservation set for the company, you will see a percentage next to the License Usage total which reflects the number of installed against the reservation that was set.


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