A client is no longer working with us, how do I remove them?

If a client is no longer working with your company and you want to clean up your console, you can remove them completely from the system.

To remove a company that will no longer will be using Bitdefender:

  1. Click Network in the left side menu
  2. Click Companies underneath your parent organization
  3. In the right side section, check the box next to the company that doesn’t want a paid license. It is recommended that you first click TasksUninstall client. That will push an uninstall command to all of the systems that have the client still installed.
  4. Now navigate to Companies in the left side menu
  5. Check the box next to the client
  6. Press Delete and then Yes to confirm

That client will no longer show up anywhere in your console, and there is no chance that the BEST client can be installed on the systems using an old installer package.

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