• Administrators can now exclude individual users and entire groups from Security Awareness Training.
  • For 365 Total Protection customers and customers whose users log in to Control Panel with credentials from a directory service, emergency passwords have been added to Continuity Service. Users now have the option to define an emergency password for Continuity Service. With this emergency password, in the event of a server failure, they will be able to access the Continuity Service webmail system and continue to receive and send emails. Users of other customers do not need emergency passwords, as they can already log in to the webmail system with their Control Panel password.
  • From now on, users who have been inactive in Control Panel for 24 hours will be automatically logged out.
  • To delete a domain in the “Domains” module, administrators must now enter the domain name to confirm the operation.
  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, a new table column that indicates if an email has been marked as private can be displayed. Furthermore, a filter to filter by private emails has been implemented.


  • In the “Dashboard” module, a bug while loading the list of services has been fixed.
  • In the “Dashboard” module, the order of quick links at user and customer level has been unified.
  • A bug when entering an incorrect one-time password when accessing Control Panel with multifactor authentication has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to import language and position attributes via bulk import from the API for the Security Awareness Training service.

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